Magnolia (White Champa Flower) Wild Crafted Essential Oil

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Botanical Name: Michelia Alba. Also known as White Champa Flower.

Country of Origin: China

Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Flower (Magnolia Blossom)

Cultivation Method: Wild Crafted

Consistency: Thin

Aromatic Description: Flowery emanations with lemony and vanilla notes.

Perfumery Note: Top

Aromatherapy Properties: (Uses) Magnolia is an excellent, self-branching type of tree with a tight form, conical shape, and dark green foliage. It can grow up to 50 feet tall and 20 feet wide preferring anywhere from full sun to full shade. There are three different Magnolia essential oils, depending on which part of the tree is used for this purpose. These variety essential oils are : Magnolia Bark, Magnolia Leaf, and finally the highest quality and the best one Magnolia Flower (Magnolia Blossom) essential oil, which is the type Silky Scents offers. Magnolia essential oil is also used in soap making, massage oils, bath oils, and of course in perfume body oils to smell magnificent.

Blends well with: Neroli, Jasmine Absolute, Rose Otto (Bulgarian), Sandalwood East Indian, and Lime

History: Magnolia is an ancient genus. Having evolved before bees appeared, the flowers developed to encourage pollination by beetles. As a result, the carpels (One of the ovule-bearing structures in an angiosperm that comprises the innermost whorl of a flower) of Magnolia flowers are tough to avoid damage by eating and crawling beetles. Fossilized specimens of M. acuminata have been found dating to 20 million years ago, and of plants identifiably belonging to the Magnoliaceae dating to 95 million years ago. Another primitive aspect of Magnolias is their lack of distinct sepal. There are about 80 different species of Magnolia that are native to the eastern United States and southeastern Asia. Over half of these are in cultivation around the world and many selections and hundreds of named hybrids have been made by breeders seeking better features. Magnolia has been used traditionally in temple ceremonies to mark births, deaths and holidays.

Wild Crafted: This oil is Wild Crafted. Wild Crafted Oils are usually organic but not certified, normally because there is no certifying agency in the area where it is grown. Wild crafted oils are grown wild, without the use of fertilizers or pesticides - grown naturally in areas where the plants are native to the region. Not commercially.

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