About Us



Silky Scents® started as a small online USA retailer in 1999, and has grown into a Leader of High Quality 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oils, Organic Handmade Soaps, Pure Face Clays, Mud Masks, & more direct from farms and distilleries all around the world!

Silky Scents® maintains the following goals with simple and upfront values:

  • Sourcing High Quality, 100% Pure and Natural items Direct from Farmers and Distillers around the world
  • Backing our High Quality Essential Oils with Laboratory Testing including GCMS, SDS, and COA Sheets
  • Creating jobs from local communities through our sourcing
  • Reducing carbon footprint from our worldwide supply chains
  • Reducing environmental impact from packaging

We have served many satisfied and repeated customers for more then 22+ years. Silky Scents is known internationally for providing the Wholesale and Retail industries with the largest selection of Quality and 100% Pure and Natural Products from retail sizing to drums sizing available through LTL or FTL.

At Silky Scents®, in addition to the customers who obtain our products for personal use, we also have experts from all types of businesses, including doctors, retailers, massage therapist, research labs, schools, wholesalers, etc. Our top priority is providing High Quality and 100% Pure and Natural products with industry backed laboratory tests at industry leading prices!

Silky Scents® imports all of our High Quality Essential Oils and Body Care Products products directly from well known farmer's and distillers worldwide with high volume turnover our products are always fresh! With sizing available from Sample Size to Drums LTL and FTL available, we can provide all of your volume needs at any size! Our goal is provide the best quality products at industry leading prices!