Black Bulb Glass Droppers w/ Tamper Evident Seal (Bottle not included)

Silky Scents
$5.60 - $10.95

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Eye Dropper Cap with Glass Pipette and tamper proof evident seal. Bottle not included.

The black polypropylene caps with straight glass pipette droppers are available in an 18/415 size in two pipette lengths and feature tamper evident seals offering added protection for your product. These glass droppers could make an excellent choice for dispensing many liquid products in small volumes, such as essential oils, extracts, fragrances and more.

  • Cap Size for 15 ml: 18/415 ( 7 mm x 62 mm)
  • Cap Size for 1 oz/30 ml: 18/415 ( 7 mm x 82 mm)  

Please note: These eye droppers ONLY fit European size bottles: http://www.Silky