Amber Glass Euro Dropper Bottle. Caps NOT Included

Silky Scents
$5.70 - $180.50

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All sizes of amber glass European (Euro) dropper bottles fit the black tamper evident caps and orifice reducer incerts we offer (Cap and incert are not included)

Benefits of the European bottle when using the dropper caps (Caps not included):  

  • The orfice reducer incert helps to control the oil when dispensing
  • Ideal for essential oils and perfumes
  • The black tamper evident caps make it easy to determine if the product has been interfered with (Caps not included)

Tamper Evident Euro Caps (will fit any bottle size offered on this page): Click Here

Euro Eye Dropper Caps (please choose the size according to the bottle size as the eye droppers vary in length but are the same bottle opening) : Click Here