Onion Essential Oil

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Botanical Name: Allium cepa

Country of Origin: Mexico

Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Bulb

Consistency: Thin

Aromatic Description: Onion has a strong odor with characteristic of fresh bulbs.

Onion Varieties

Perfumery Note: Top

Aromatherapy Properties: (Uses) A perennial or biennial herb up to 1.2m high with hollow leaves and a flowering stem, and a globe-like fleshy bulb. This is an oily and crystaline oil, free of strange materials. The Onion essential oil is a clear yellow to reddish yellow. 

Blends well with: Onion Essential Oil is best appreciated when used independently

History: According to the Greek historian Herodotus, nine tons of gold was spent buying onions to feed the builders of the pyramids, so popular was this vegetable in ancient Egypt. Indeed, much to the amusement of the conquering Romans, the Egyptians even offered the bulb as a sacrifice. In the later Middle Ages the onion-probably because of its strong smell- was used as a charm against evil spirits and the plague. Sulfur compounds give onions (and garlic) their sharp flavor and aroma. The onion and its relatives have been known in North America for centuries, and were a favorite spring food of the Indians. Frontiersmen knew that a sure way to locate Indian encampments in spring was to follow the heavy onion scent that clung to the area.

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