Moroccan Red Clay Powder

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Moroccan red clay is a gentle clay considered to have extreme drawing powers. This iron-rich red clay is mined from the Atlas Mountains in Eastern Morocco. It is processed to remove graininess and impurities, then sun-dried and powdered to perfection.
Appearance: Fine red color powder.

Benefits: It draws oils from the skin and acts as an astringent for oily hair and skin. It also stimulates skin circulation and due to its gentleness is suitable for the most sensitive skin. Recommended for acne, poison oak or ivy and skin rashes. Use as a natural colorant in soap: 1 teaspoon clay per lb.

Application: Combine red clay with sufficient liquid to make a paste. Let it sit 2 or 3 minutes. Using fingertips, spread a consistent layer to fully cover the skin ( avoid getting clay in mouth, eyes, ears, nose.) and allow the clay to dry. (4 min. for sensitive skin, 8 minutes for normal skin.) As it dries it tightens. It is working and removing impurities. Wash thoroughly and gently to remove the masque. Follow with your choice of natural toner and moisturizer. For dry skin, add honey or olive oil to make a paste.

Alternatives to water in the clay paste are almost endless: Lemon juice, essential oil (just a drop or two), such as peppermint, chamomile, calendula, ginger, lavender, etc.) Powdered herbs can be added to the clay before mixing (marshmallow, calendula, slippery elm bark, etc.)

Caution: Caution should be exercised as clays may stain fabric. For External Use only. Use glass, pottery or wooden container, (do not use metals)