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Quick View Rhassoul (Micromized) Clay Powder

Rhassoul (Micromized) Clay Powder

$9.85 - $19.95
Rhassoul clay's most impressive properties in skin improvement are its capacity of absorption due to its high level of ion exchange. Silky Scents ™ offers the Micromized Rhassoul clay instead of the regular Rhassoul clay. Micronization or...
Quick View Bentonite (Montmorillonite) Clay Powder

Bentonite (Montmorillonite) Clay Powder

$8.45 - $19.55
Bentonite, also referred to as Montmorillonite, is one of the most effective and powerful healing clays used to treat both external maladies. Bentonite can be used externally as a clay poultice, mud pack or in the bath, and in skin care recipes. It has a...
Quick View Rose Clay Powder

Rose Clay Powder

$11.98 - $25.85
This clay has a beautiful dusty rose color and is used in face masks, soaps and colored cosmetics. It derives its color from the iron oxide content in this clay and is also known as pink kaolin. It is rich in iron oxide, this clay is perfect for all skin...
Quick View Moroccan Red Clay Powder

Moroccan Red Clay Powder

$8.95 - $19.55
Moroccan red clay is a gentle clay considered to have extreme drawing powers. This iron-rich red clay is mined from the Atlas Mountains in Eastern Morocco. It is processed to remove graininess and impurities, then sun-dried and powdered to perfection...
Quick View China Clay Powder

China Clay Powder

$9.45 - $17.45
China Clay (Kaolin, Lion or white clay) is the mildest of all clays and is used in cosmetic masks and soaps for sensitive skin, as well as for dry skin. China Clay does not expand with increasing water content. Appearance: Fine light green or white...
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