Bergamot Mint Essential Oil

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Botanical Name: Mentha Citrata

Country of Origin: India

Cultivation Method: Conventional Cultivation

Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled

Consistency: Thin

Aromatic Description: Fresh, minty, citrusy, softer than peppermint, about the strength of spearmint

Perfumery Note: Top/Middle 

Blends well with: Most other mints and citrus oils, Basil Sweet, Geranium, Lavender 40/42, Rosemary, and Sage

History: The History of mint plants dates back to at least 1,000 BC when the ancient Egyptians used it as part of their funerary process. Most of the plants used and cultivated today originated in the Mediterranean. The name itself comes from the Latin menta or menth, the Greek minthe or minthos and the Germanic version minta. The ancient Romans used mint plants to adorn themselves and their tables, and the use of mint by the Egyptians has also been well documented. The Romans believed that the consumption of mint would increase the intelligence The smell of mint in their houses was also a symbol of hospitality. In medieval times mint was used to cure mouth sores, dog bites, and insect stings, it helped to whiten teeth and prevented the milk from curdling. In Greek myth, Minthe was the name of a beautiful water nymph who was pursued by Pluto, god of the underworld. When his wife Persephone found out about the dalliance she turned Minthe into a plant that would be trodden underfoot. Having been caught in the act, Pluto could do nothing but accept his wife's vengeance. But he did turn Minthe into the herb mint that when trod on would release a beautiful fragrance. The ancient Romans used mint to adorn themselves and their tables, and the use of mint by the Egyptians has also been well documented. The Roman, Pliny the Elder, advised scholars to wear a crown of mint plants to aid concentration, but he also warned lovers that it was contrary to procreation. The Greeks, however believed the opposite - their soldiers were warned to avoid mint during a war as it was feared that increased love-making would diminish their courage. Mint is said to bring luck and helps to increase your money prospects if a few leaves are rubbed into the purse. 

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