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Mini Gold Metal Funnel

High quality, portable, perfect household supplies and gift items. Durable metal funnels construction, easy to clean. The funnels are for use in transferring perfume or liquid between different containers easily without mess and waste of your perfume,...
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Mini Plastic Funnel

Essential tools for aromatherapy, essential oil, fragrances, small samples of perfume liquid emulsion, sand art, and more. With the help of these small plastic funnels, transferring or adding liquid or dry form items makes it fast and easy. ...
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White Gallon Pump Dispenser

Dispenses approximately 1 oz per pump. Great for dispensing lotions, shower gels, creams, and more.    Cap Size: 38/400 (Fits 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon jug bottles)
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White Ribbed Fine Mist Sprayer Cap

$9.95 - $28.95
The white polypropylene fine mist sprayer comes topped with a clear styrene hood. The fine mist sprayers are available in a variety of sizes with multiple dip tube lengths making them compatible with a wide variety of containers. Fine mist sprayers are a...
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White Ribbed Plastic Lined Screw Cap

$4.66 - $30.45
Description:  White lined polypro ribbed caps PE F217 Liners (Liner is good for general purpose) Good for a wide range of application bases Ribbed caps offer better grip for removal Generally used for plastic bottles   Cap Opening...
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White Smooth Plastic Disc Flip Cap

$7.95 - $12.95
Great closure choice for dispensing product from squeezable containers. Disc top caps are made with a slight indent in the plastic top, which is designed to have a light amount of pressure applied to it in order to expose the orifice where the product...
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