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Quick View Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil (Semi-Solid)

Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil (Semi-Solid)

$26.85 - $82.75
Botanical Name: Evernia Prunastri Country of Origin: Spain Cultivation Method: Harvested from wild growing plants Method of Extraction: Solvent Extracted (Absolute) Consistency: Medium - Think (Very viscous, warm to pour from bottle). Aromatic...
Quick View OCOTEA (Ishpink) Organic Essential Oil

OCOTEA (Ishpink) Organic Essential Oil

$42.48 - $89.98
Botanical Name: Ocotea Quixos (Also known as Ishpingo, or Ishpink which is the name of the Ocotea flower) Country of Origin: Ecuador's Amazon Basin Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Branches and leaves Consistency: Liquid Aromatic Description: A hint...
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