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Cinnamon Leaf Organic Essential Oil

$6.48 - $19.45
Botanical Name: Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Also known as "True Cinnamon") Country of Origin: Sri LankaCultivation Method: Certified OrganicMethod of Extraction: Steam Distilled Leaves Consistency: LiquidAromatic Description: Strong Perfumery...
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Citronella Essential Oil

$5.90 - $13.30
Botanical Name: Cymbopogon NardusCountry of Origin: Sri Lanka Cultivation Method: Conventional Method of Extraction: Steam DistilledConsistency: Thin LiquidAromatic Description: Citrusy (similar to lemongrass), slightly fruity, fresh, sweetPerfumery...
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Citronella Organic Essential Oil

$6.24 - $19.25
Botanical Name: Cymbopogon Nardus Country of Origin: India Cultivation Method: Certified Organic Method of Extraction: Steam DistilledConsistency: Thin Aromatic Description: Citronella Ceylon has a well rounded lemon citrus scent, though it is...
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Citrus Delight Blend

Do you remember how you react after smelling an orange, lemon, lime, or any other citrus fruit. First, you close your eyes and take a deep breath to smell the refreshing and delightful scent, and then find yourself smiling, feeling refreshed, happy, and...
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Clary Sage Essential Oil

$7.24 - $23.25
Botanical Name: Salvia Sclarea Country of Origin: Russia/Bulgaria Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Flower/LeafConsistency: Thin to Medium liquidAromatic Description: Bright, earthy, herbaceous, with a subtle fruity notePerfumery Note: Medium -...
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Clove Bud Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Eugenia Caryophyllata Country of Origin: Indonesia Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Bud Consistency: Medium, Slightly Oily Perfumery Note: Middle Aromatic Description: Spicy, warming yet slightly bitter, woody, reminiscent...
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Clove Bud Organic Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Syzgium Aromaticum Country of Origin: Sri Lanka Cultivation Method: Certified Organic Consistency: Medium Perfumery Note: MiddleMethod of Extraction: Steam Distilled Buds Aromatic Description: Clove Bud essential oil smells spicy...
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Clove Leaf Essential Oil

$6.10 - $12.25
Botanical Name: Syzgium AromaticumCountry of Origin: IndonesiaMethod of Extraction: Steam Distilled LeavesConsistency: MediumPerfumery Note: Middle Blends well with: Rose Absolute (Morocco), Lavender 40/42, Vanilla 10 Fold, Clary Sage, Bergamot, Bay Rum...
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Cocoa Absolute Essential Oil (SEMI-SOLID)

$18.85 - $27.32
Botanical Name: Theobroma Cacao Country of Origin: Ghana/Ivory Coast Cultivation Method: Absolute Method of Extraction: Solvent Extracted Beans Consistency: Semi-Solid Perfumery Note: Middle Aromatic Description: It is described as complex, exotic,...
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Coconut (Fractionated) Carrier Oil

$8.20 - $36.55
Cocos Nucifera Fractionated Coconut Oil is liquid at room temperature. This Non-greasy oil is easily absorbed into the skin. It is also used on oily skin as it will not clog pores. Excellent emollient that provides a smooth and Silky Scents feel to...
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Coffee (Roasted) Essential Oil

$8.48 - $20.25
Botanical Name: Coffea Arabica Country of Origin: Brazil Cultivation Method: Conventional Cultivation Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed Beans Consistency: Medium to Thick Perfumery Note: Top Aromatherapy Properties: (Uses) Coffee (Arabian Green...
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Copaiba Balsam Wild Crafted Essential Oil

$6.84 - $18.95
Botanical Name: Copaifera officinalis Country of Origin: Brazil Method of Extraction: Wild Crafted Cultivation Method: Crude Resin (Extracted directly from the tree) Consistency: Medium to heavy Aromatic Description: A warm, honey-like scent. It is rich...
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Coriander Seed Essential Oil

$12.65 - $245.90
Botanical Name: Coriandrum Sativum Country of Origin: India Cultivation Method: Standard CultivationBotanical Name: Coriandrum SativumMethod of Extraction: Steam Distilled Consistency: Liquid Aromatic Description: Warm, fresh and grassy aroma...
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Cubeb Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Piper Cubera. Also known as Jawa peppercorn, Jawanese pepper, Tailed Pepper Country of Origin: Indonesia Cultivation Method: Conventionally Grown Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Dried Fruits Consistency: Thin to Medium...
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