Shipping & Returns

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Free Shipping does not apply to Wholesale Orders, Bulk Items, Special Orders, or Split Orders.

Shipping & Processing: 

  • Processing Time : Same Day - 2 Business Days on average! If an item is back ordered, you will be notified before shipping the package.
  • Packages are shipped with USPS/UPS/FedEx tracking information
  • Additional Shipping Fees apply for any cases and wholesale orders
  • We ship internationally with Door to Door tracking to 55 countries up to 4 lbs! International Order's require Shipping Insurance add on: Click HERE to add on insurance. Additional applicable fees may apply, If you are shipping above 4 lbs you will be billed separately. 
  • Silky Scents, LLC. is not responsible for customs fee or any other fees for other countries.  Customs Fees, VAT fees, and Tariff's are an unavoidable cost when purchasing products from different countries, and is completely out of Silky Scents® control to stop these fees from being applied to your orders. It is up to the receiver's country to tax good's/packages coming in, and for the customer to research before ordering an item to import into their destination country.

The complete Terms & Conditions of Silky Scents for purchasing products are listed below. The below conditions also appear during check out when placing an order, and customers are required to electronically sign (accept) the Terms & Conditions: 

In the following Terms & Conditions, the following abbreviations have been used: United Parcel Service (UPS). United States Post Office (USPS). Silky Scents may be referred to as we. DAMAGED/PROBLEM SHIPMENTS: If the carrier delivers a box to you which is visibly damaged/crushed/wet, refuse it. If you find damaged items inside a box which appeared undamaged please notify us by email within 48 hours & make sure to keep the entire box & contents for the carriers inspection. Failure to do so within 48 hours of your receipt of the damaged shipment will void any further claims to us for reimbursement. We will do our best to ship promptly whatever was damaged in transit; however, we will not be able to replace damaged items by air services. If you find that we sent you a wrong item/size/etc. please notify us within 48 hours of your receipt of the order. We will not be responsible for any empty/ filled bottle which breaks/explodes after receipt. When the bottles/jars left our warehouse they were in sound condition & inspected for cracks/breaks. We take great care in packaging fragile items in order to prevent their breakage while in transit to the customer. However sometimes products such as glass bottles/glass jars/ rigid plastic jars may develop hairline cracks during transit & when the customer fills them with liquids they notice that the jar/bottle may leak; this may be noticed immediately or within a short period of time. Should this occur, the customer needs to contact the carrier who delivered the package, initiate a claim & then notify us by email. Once the claim has been approved by the carrier we can proceed to replace the items involved in the claim. If too much time has elapsed since the package was delivered the carrier may not honor the claim & this is why we strongly encourage all customers to go through their complete shipment upon delivery not weeks later.  Wholesale Fees added to all wholesale orders include container/shipping fees. Essential Oils & Body Care products non-refundable and this is under Silky Scents category of Health & Personal Care. Per Silky Scents policy, which is listed also as a return policy for Silky Scents, LLC., as well as Federal Health Regulations, the return of essential oils and body care products is prohibited. This policy is designed to prevent contamination of sensitive skin products and prevention of spreading diseases, especially for products that consumers may apply to their skin. Unfortunately, due to these regulations enforced, we are unable to accept any returns for essential oils and body care products. We cannot reimburse the customer for the raw materials that were lost during the leakage of a broken bottle/jar nor for any damage to areas near where the leak took place, including damage to furniture/flooring. The customer is responsible for the use/mis-use of any product purchased from us. We are not responsible for recipes/end products which don't turn out as the customer expected. Essential/fragrance oils are not to be used undiluted on the skin & must be kept away from children/pets. If you received a damaged package, either refuse the package from the carrier, or immediately call us to contact the carrier within 24 hours. Do not open, use, or break the seal of the products. Breaking the seal of damaged products will disqualify it for any refund or replacement. LOST SHIPMENTS: All claims for damages or loss must be made within 24 hours from the date of delivery. Any claims after 24 hours will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis with no guarantee of a positive outcome.. In some cases, there may be up to 15 working days a waiting time required for final tracing & processing of this matter. SPECIAL DESTINATIONS: According to the type of the products & the destination of the package we will choose a carrier between USPS, & UPS. However if you prefer UPS over USPS, ask for UPS in the comment section of the order form with preferred shipping method such as Next Day/Over Night. A faster service can also be requested for USPS. We will then notify you for the extra charges by email, & upon your approval the difference will be charged to your credit card. Please notice all packages sent to a PO Box/APO addresses can only be sent by USPS. Returns: Samples are made available as a service to assists customers to check & approve the quality of the packaged & bulk products before larger/bulk purchases are made. We will take any unused qualified Silky Scents brand products back & refund your money (minus shipping) for a period of 30 days. You must contact us first for a Return Authorization # before shipping the product back. We will not issue a refund for any used/broken seal products. All sales will be in USD, foreign transaction fees or rate of exchange are non-refundable, all refunds will be in only original USD paid. Also, the following products cannot be returned or exchanged: broken sealed products, Pheromones/Phero-Mates, all sizes and packages of Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Blends and Absolutes. Also products sizing 1 oz or more (such as Perfume Oils, Edible Oils, etc.), as well as any product that is sold in a pack of 2 or more (such as 3 pack roll-ons, 4 pack lotions, 6 pack essential oils or blends, 12 pack A.D.E. Lotion etc.) and all Samples. There will be no authorization for return of product samples for any reason. A 20% restocking fee may apply. To obtain a Return Authorization #, please send your return request, along with your name/order number/ the date the order was placed, & a list of product(s) that are qualified per our policy for return as a message through the our system. If a product is returned to us without an authorization # issued by us, we will inform the customer that their products aren't authorized for a return, & they have 30 days to pay for the shipping/handling cost to return the unauthorized package back to them. After 30 days, Silky Scents will discard the contents of the unauthorized package. We will not neither issue a credit for any part of the shipping charges that the customer paid originally when ordering the product(s), nor will pay for the shipping charges that the customer will pay to send the authorized return product(s) back to us. We cannot accept returns of products, which don't work out for you. If a product didn't work for one customer out of a hundred, then it must be something the customer is not doing correctly & we cannot be either responsible for this, nor provide advices as how to use it correctly. We cannot accept returns of vegetable/nut oils because a customer feels they're rancid or because the oil's smell isn't recognized. You may be used to another type/quality of vegetable/nut oils different from the excellent products we offer. Rest assured that when the product left our air-conditioned warehouse, the product wasn't old/rancid. Please notice that the credit for the authorized returns are equivalent to the retail price that was originally paid for. If a customer rejects the delivery of their package, Silky Scents will wait until the package is delivered back, and at that time a refund will be issued to the customer for the products ordered minus the shipping and handling, and an additional 15% for restocking charges. SHIPPING CHARGES: We reserve the right to require a signature on any shipment regardless of value, and so does the UPS/USPS driver. BACK ORDERS/OUT OF STOCK ITEMS: You are agreeing that if we are out of stock of an item on your order, we will send the rest of the order to you, & issue a full credit for the price of the item that is out of stock back to your credit card. BOTTLING: You are agreeing with Silky Scents selection for the bottling & packaging materials that we believe is best suited for a particular product. BULK ORDERS: Large bulk orders may take up to 7-10 working days to be shipped out. ORDER CANCELLATION: If your order is not shipped out yet, we will cancel the order upon your request & issue a full credit. If the order is already shipped out, you will have to wait to receive the package, & contact us for a return authorization #. All the return policies listed below will apply. You may email us to remove certain items from your order & we'll do our best to comply if the order has not been shipped yet. Email us & include the order #. Once an order is packed, we cannot make any changes to the order. INVOICES: Please make sure your email is correct so we can contact you if there is any problem with your order. An automatic email will be sent to the email address provided on the order form with a copy of your invoice. A 2nd automatic email will be sent to the email provided on the order form letting you know your credit card has been charged. If additional charges are due, we will not charge your credit card a 2nd time until the invoice is finalized. We reserve the right to charge a customer's credit card for any additional amount due to add-on items or choosing a different/faster way of shipping. SAFETY DISCLAIMER: While Silky Scents provides descriptions of its ingredients & supplies on its website, it cannot & will not guarantee the accuracy of info. provided to the customer via all methods of communication: phone/email/fax/letters/in person. It is the customer's responsibility to conduct appropriate research on the use and safety of each item. The contents of our catalog & website haven't been evaluated by the FDA & aren't intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. By purchasing and using products sold by Silky Scents you agree that 1. you will not hold Silky Scents liable for any incidents/complications which may result from your storage and/or use or mis-use of the products 2. you will assume all product liability for the final products/creations which you create with products purchased from Silky Scents 3. you understand that numerous essential/fragrance oils can be poisonous and/or fatal if ingested 4. you understand that our cosmetic-grade fragrance oils are synthetic and aren't meant for ingestion 5. you will use common sense when using any of our raw materials. We aren't responsible for any damage that our products may cause to any utensils, containers, such as dishes or bowls, but not limited to, fabrics and materials, such as but not limited to clothing and furniture's, other electronic equipment’s such as microwaves and dishwashers, & in general any property of the customers. 6. Silky Scents isn't responsible for the use of its products & raw materials, which may be dangerous or which may be ingested or inhaled by a child, a mentally handicapped person, the elderly (including persons with Alzheimer's), pregnant women, or pets will be stored safely away from those persons or pets. All of our products should be used only under the care & advice of a medical doctor or licensed aroma therapist practitioner. These Terms are subject to change without prior notice.