Insect Repellent (For Dogs) Blend *Set of two bottles* 5 ml Collar Drops & 8 oz Body Spray*


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Silky Scents ™' preventive bug solution for dogs comes in a set of 2 effective products : Collar Drops & Body Spray. 

  • The first product is a 5 ml blend of pure Lemon and Lavender, which you apply a couple of drops on the dog's collar to protect your dog's head and neck against insects. 
  • The second product is a preventive 8 oz bug spray, which you can apply to your dog's body while avoiding the head.

Using both combinations on your dog will be good for up to 2 hours. Avoid getting in the eyes. Do not use on any other animals ~ this recipe is intended for dogs only.

This combination of products is extremely effective, and we have been getting positive feedback from our customers!

To retail larger sizes or quantities, please email for prices.


General Safety Information: Talk to your vet first, should your dog have any medical issues or allergies to ingredients before using this blend.