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Tree of Life Soap Bar, Guest Size

$6.48 - $10.48
The Tree of Life signifies the strength of tradition. Perfect for guests, travel, party or wedding favors. Small yet versatile for any occasion! Our wonderful glycerin soap is made detergent free.  This soap has a creamy lather with 100% of the...
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Unscented Soap Bar

These soap bars are made with all natural and detergent free and contains buttermilk, which is high in triglyceride content making it an excellent natural moisturizer. This soap also contains oatmeal thought to pamper dry skin, Calendula extract thought...
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Variety Soap Bar Package (Set of 10)

A collection of our handmade soap bars at a discount. Made with essential oils in an all natural soap base. For more details of each soap, please visit their individual pages.  This package includes one soap bar of each scent (10 pack): Lavender...
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