6 Pack Camelina Carrier Oil

SKU: CO- Camelina- 6 Pack

Camelina Oil (commonly known as Gold of Pleasure). It is also called false flax since it is often found growing wild amongst flax. Camelina oil is a cold pressed oil from the seeds of the cruciferous annual plant Camelina Sativa (Not to be confused with Camellia Oil). It is a yellow oil with a flowery odor and a pleasant taste with considerable shelf stability. Records of plant cultivation date back as far as the Iron Age as the oil was used as a source of fuel as well as a skin moisturizer. Camelina Oil is a very rich source of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA's) which makes it an excellent choice for nutraceutical use. Due to its high EFA (essential fatty acid) and linoleic acid content, Camelina Oil has very good effects on the skin, acting as an anti-age and emollient agent to improve skin elasticity and suppleness. Research shows that Camelina oil has good skin softening properties. The oil is emollient, has good spreading properties, provides lubricity in both hair and skin preparations. The oil contains 35% to 40% linolenic acid compared to 8% in canola and 1% or less in soy bean and corn oils. Camelina oil does not deteriorate during refining or storage like linseed (flax) oil or fish oil and can be used in a number of oil based products such as spreads and salad dressings. Camelina oil, unlike linseed and fish oil, is oxidatively stable and palatable. The oil is also very rich in natural antioxidants. All Natural. Cold Pressed.

Suggested Use Levels: Lotions & Creams 1-5% | Balms: 2-7% | Bar Soaps: 2-7%

Physical Form: Light Yellow Liquid

Solubility: Insoluble in Water

Country of Origin: United States

Short Term Storage: Air tight container. Dark location. Cool room temperature.

Long Term Storage: Refrigeration can extend shelf life.

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