4 Liter Jerry Can Baritainer (Fluorinated HDPE equivalent) UN X Rated. Caps Included


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4 Liter Jerry Can Baritainer made of barrier resin (an alternative to fluorination). UN X rated, plastic extrusion blow-molded white Jerrican with a black screw cap. HDPE and Quoral®.
The UN Rated Jerry Can Baritainer® is the new solution for packaging and transporting liquid chemicals that typically require either fluorinated HDPE or metal packaging. Economical and safe package for solvent based liquids, Baritainers are a lightweight, impact resistant and pliable alternative to glass, metal, fluorinated containers and 1/2"oex multi-layer bottles. Baritainers are most effective with products containing solvents (hydrocarbons), esters, and ketones.

Bartainers® are constructed of regular HDPE mixed with a proprietary barrier resin and are a safe substitute for fluorinated containers. Made of 95% HDPE 95% and 5% QUORAL BR50, the Jerry Can style of Bartainer® is roughly 50% lighter than a metal container and will not panel, distort or lose product when sealed. They prevent chemical permeation, weight loss, odor emission and flavor or fragrance loss and are both UN rated and FDA compliant.

In comparison with HDPE, Quoral® is 100x more efficacious with Hydrocarbons (solvents), provides an excellent aroma barrier, and features 2x to 5x improvement in 1/2"2 barrier performance.

QUORAL® based Jerry Cans can be used to safely transport solvent-based products such as household chemicals, industrial chemicals, cleaning solvents, adhesives, wood preservatives, automotive additives, and agricultural chemicals. They may also be used to safely transport foodstuffs such as flavors, edible oils and essential oils.

Description: UN X rated, plastic extrusion blow-molded Jerry can with a black screw cap Screw Cap/Neck: DIN 50 or DIN 60 with tamper-evident system

Body: QUORAL® HDPE and Master batch
Screw cap: HDPE Bormed HE7541-PH Inliner: Alveolit TA SF 0500, cross link polyethylene

The White Jerry Can Has a Back Tamper Evident Cap

Volume 4 liter / 1.1 gal.
Weight 286g / .6 lbs.
A-Length 7.25" / 184mm
B-Width 5.5" / 140mm
C-Height 8.3" / 211mm
D-to Handle Height 8.5" / 216mm
E-Cap Width DIN 50
F-Neck Width 1.6" / 41mm
UN Rating 3H1/X1.2/250